Billy Harris
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Our Roots

"I grew up on a farm, but we spent our summers in Algonquin Park at the island cottage we called Pine Point. Massive pines towered above us, I listened to the wind as it blew through them, it was always a source of calm for me. When my grandmother died we lost the cottage, and since then when I hear the wind in the pines it still brings me back the memories of that place, the people, the time." 
​ ~ Billy Harris, Arborist Tree Service Owner

your challenges, our solutions

We understand that trees add value, and not just monetary value, to your property. We attach these trees to people and family, as family members they grow and age too.   We started working with trees 18 years ago, and our passion for them continues to grow.

About Us

Our Team

We are a tight-knit team that has become a family. Knowing that we can trust each other is imperative to the safety of our job. 

Our Gear

Equipment matters and so does safety. We are fully insured and use only equipment we know we can trust to protect the safety of our team and our clients. On the job site we use wireless hands-free radios to stay in constant communication and ensure the safety of both our guys in the trees and others on the ground. 
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